Monday, 23 July 2012

How to Schedule a Shut Down of your Windows 7 Computer

Hello Friends,
Well in the series of our efforts, we bring you another useful tutorial on how to schedule a shutdown in Windows 7. It is really very simple and useful.

1.Click Start ,type scheduler in your search box then Hit Enter to open Task Scheduler

2.You’ll be presented with the screen below:

3. In the Actions column on the right, click Create Basic Task…

4. Input your task name and description,then click Next

5. After clicking Next you’ll see the Task Trigger screen. We want to shut down our Windows 7 computer in the middle of the night, every night so we’ll pick Daily.

6. Choose the time that you want to shutdown your windows 7,then click Next

7. The following screen is the Action screen. Let’s Start a program.

8. Click Browse and select C:\Windows\System32\ and select shutdown.exe 

9. And finally the Summary screen.

Click Finish and there you have it. So now whenever you are downloading a movie in the night and don't want to disrupt your sleep just to shutdown your computer, put it on a schedule.
Please do write your comments or queries. We will be happy to respond.

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